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About Me

Grace Silvia, Hakomi mindfulness, transpersonal, holistic, integrative, radical mental health therapy counseling

Photo portrait by Eva Greer

Grace Silvia

I trained 2-1/2 years through the Hakomi Institute in body--centered, experiential, mindfulness-based psychotherapy.

I then went back to college at 41 years old. I completed my bachelor's degree (University of North Carolina -- Asheville) and graduated with a Master of Social Work degree (University of Washington in Seattle) in 2010, and returned to my beloved, adopted city of Portland, Oregon.
Eduardo Duran's work inspires me. Duran is a Native American psychologist who validates historical trauma and acknowledges a spiritual dimension to healing.
My work is also informed by having experienced deep depression for years when young, then a "cracking open" at 30 years old, through which I was able to find profound meaning.

Gentle, powerful transformation.

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