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My Approach


As a feminist, I believe my work must:

> deeply honor each person's inner wisdom over pathologizing doctrine;

> recognize the deep soul wounding that chronic and acute oppression, systems of injustice, and planetary pain cause; and

> orient personal healing in service to becoming empowered agents of change, rather than adjusting to an unhealthy society.


Hakomi is a body-centered, mindfulness-based approach which uses body awareness to access the unconscious.

Both trauma and brilliant, creative healing wisdom are stored in the body. By learning how to listen to and follow your body's cues, you will find a depth, ease and aliveness that working in ordinary consciousness can't access.

also mindfulness, Focusing, Gestalt, Transpersonal, depth psychology, somatic, body-centered

Tree by the Sky” by Manu Mohan, cropped.


Whether talking about what happened yesterday or in your family growing up, we will work with what you experience as you explore it in the moment. That way the work is fresh, not a stale re-hashing of an old, stuck story. Using basic building blocks of gentle curiosity, compassion and honoring both what shows up as well as resistance to what shows up, deep transformation happens.

Respect for

Medication Choices

I support you whether you choose to take psychiatric medications or not. Medication can be a powerful tool. Some people feel the right medication has saved their lives. Others feel it has robbed them of years. There is no one right way for everyone.


People taking psychiatric medication have the same right as people taking other medications to fully informed consent. I support people wanting to find the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration for harm reduction. For some, that could mean for the rest of their lives, while for others it might mean never starting, or any amount of time in between. Medication can be especially helpful for crisis management.

Gentle, powerful transformation.

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