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Gentle, powerful transformation.

Caroig, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What to Expect in an Initial Consultation

Initial consultations are your way to see if you want to work with me. We will meet in my office so that you can get a feel for the space and get a sense of whether you are comfortable here. Initial consultations last about thirty minutes and there is no charge. Some people prefer to meet for an hour at first, with the first half hour free.


When you come to the office, let me know you are here by ringing the bell on the counter (give it a strong ding so I can hear it in the back). Help yourself to a cup of cool water or hot tea at the small sink. Then have a seat --- I'll be out to meet you in a few minutes.

We'll walk together to my office at the end of the hall. You choose where you want to sit. Then you can tell me what brings you to therapy, what you hope to get from it and why now. The initial consultation is not a good time to go into depth about your problems and past trauma --- it's better to use this meeting to decide whether we are a good fit before getting that vulnerable. If you have been to therapy before, you might want to share what has worked for you in the past and what hasn't.


You also will want to ask me questions you have about how I work and anything else you want to know to see if you trust me to walk with you on your healing path.

What to Expect in a Regular Session

Regular sessions are an hour. Ring the bell loudly (I'm in an office at the far end), help yourself to water or tea and have a seat. I'll come get you in a few minutes and we'll walk to the office together. You can pay and schedule future appointments at the beginning, so that after the session you can stay with what you experienced.


I work a lot with mindfulness --- a gentle, compassionate turning attention inward. I also help you to develop awareness of your body's responses—when your heart beats faster, if something feels tight in your throat, if your stomach is relaxed, or whatever you notice. These are powerful tools for getting in touch with your own healing wisdom.


Therapy is a collaborative healing journey. I can help you develop your tools of curiosity, compassion and mindfulness to safely explore your inner and outer worlds. But I recognize that you are the expert in your experience. The more you let me know what is working for you, what doesn't work for you and what could work better, the more effectively I can support you.


I aim to be as client--centered, anti--oppressive and strengths--based as possible, and welcome feedback at every step of the way.

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